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Top Women Shapewear in 2021


In recent years, campaigns to maintain body shape for women have been very intense and there is a lot of interest. And one way for women to maintain body shape is to use shapewear. For those of you who are unfamiliar with shapewear, shapewear is an undergarment that helps create a subtle silhouette and sculpts your figure to accentuate your natural curves, especially when wearing tight clothing. And here I am going to recommend the best trendy women's corsets in 2021 from one of the world's best waist trainer wholesale, Feelingirldress.


If you are looking for best butt lifting leggings, this could be an option for you. This shapewear from Feelingirldress is not only a butt lift but can be used as a waist trainer and slimming thigh. It provides instant body shaping, adds dimension to the hips, lifts the buttocks and naturally controls the abs and waist. Perfect for jeans, shorts, tight dresses or just to give your butt a boost when working out even under any type of fabric in any season.


But if you are only looking for waist trainer, I will recommend you this shapewear. This Feelingirldress waist trainer features a front zipper that makes it tight around your waist for a durable grip on your waist as you lose weight and have elastic sticker straps for easy adjustment and secure closure and ensures the belt fits snugly around the belly. The latex core helps to lose weight and shape and shape the waist. How to use it is quite easy, just attach a layer of belt to control the waist tightly, flatten your stomach and slim your stomach.


And the last for those of you who are looking for shapewear that can be used for activities such as the gym or running, this shapewear can be an option. It features stand collar zipper design that easy to wear and take off, and comfortable long sleeve with thumbhole fit to the wrist and reduce friction.


You can find the three shapewear above in Feelingirldress. And even if you are not satisfied with the 3 recommendations above, you can look for the other shapewear on the Feelingirldress website, because there are many other options that might suit your preferences.


  1. For a very long time ago wanna to try something like this but still imagine how hard to using this T_T

    1. maybe you need shapewear that fits your current body size <3

  2. wow I honestly want to try this kind of trainer thing to know how it works on my body 😂

  3. Aku beli 1, cm kepake bbrp hari, dan aku ga mau lagi :D . Jujur jd sesak napas, mungkin terlalu ketat far . Tp masalahnya korset memang harus ketat biar efektif.

    Tapi kayaknya aku LBH milih workout sih, drpd pake ini. :D.

    Kayaknya ga semua org cocok pake shapewear

    1. iya nih kak, kalau yang sesek gitu mending cari jalan lain

  4. Aku pernah pengen beli korset model kayak gini nih, Far. Tapi kayaknya aku tunda dulu. Takut jahitan di perut kenapa-napa. Tunggu sampai perut beneran baik dulu baru cobain. Hehehe. 🤭

    1. hwaaaaa kak roem kenapaaa kok ada bekas jahitaannnn :(

  5. Sebenernya aku butuh bgt shapewear ini far, soalnya perutku masih buncit pasca melahirkan, tp masalahnya, pake korset aja aku ga kuat, sesak, malah jd ga mau makan, ga nyaman, kalau pakai shapewear jgn2 aku ga bisa gerak wkwkwkwk


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